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Help AGEOPTIONS INC by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their marketing strategy.
Oak Park, USA
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Oak Park, USA


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Posted March 3rd

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Marketing Strategy Call

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I'd like strategic advice on what marketing strategies or channels best to reach populations who are not full online during the pandemic. My project targets LGBT+ older adults.

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About The Org

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Kate S.

Aging with Pride Program Specialist

Our Mission

*Our Mission*
AgeOptions innovates, partners, and advocates to improve systems and services in order to strengthen communities so people thrive as they age.
*Our Vision*
People thriving as they age
*Our Values*

What We Do

AgeOptions is the Area Agency on Aging for Suburban Cook County (the "inner-ring" suburbs of Chicago). As the Area Agency, we administrate a number of important services that help protect older adults (defined as anyone over 60+) and allow them to age with dignity. We also provide supports for people with disabilities and unpaid caregivers. A majority of our funding is from government sources, including grants under the Older Americans Act; we are also a grant maker, partnering with over 70 local agencies to fund the aging services network for suburban Cook County.

AgeOptions has a number of different service lines; the one using Catchafire is Thrive with Pride, our LGBT+ programming and outreach. Our organization has a wonderful, but overworked, marketing team, so we're here to leverage your volunteer skills to help improve our services and messaging!


This was my first experience with Catchafire and WOW it has turned me into a believer! I work at a larger NFP that has some wonderful but overworked marketing folks. Having a 1 hour conversation with a knowledgeable, kind, engaged marketing professional was amazing. Andrew took some very disjointed ideas and helped me focus my questions and develop a plan for next steps (notably, without any kind of a sales pitch for himself or Catchafire). Andrew genuinely seemed to have our project's best interests at heart, was incredibly generous with his time, and provided some really helpful insight. This will have a huge impact on where we go from here. In case this isn't clear, and you're reading this review to try and figure out whether to engage with Andrew: let me be clear that I rate him one millions stars out of five and would HIGHLY recommend you work with him. He is a real gem!
Kate Spelman
Kate S.

Aging with Pride Program Specialist

Marketing Strategy Phone Call

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate on this project. It was her first project with Catchafire, and my first time doing this type of project, so I don't think either of us really knew what to expect. She was very well prepared, flexible and openminded in her thinking and approach to the goal(s) of the project, and provided information up front to set the stage for a productive call. It was a great experience and I told her that I'd be happy to be a resource if they use Catchafire for subsequent projects. I highly recommend working with them in the future -- it's a great program and a great partner!
Andrew Der
Andrew D.